By Wagner Richard | Finapoly

Apr 29

Playing Time: Lifetime                             Ages: All                          Players: seven billion +-

Object of Finapoly:
By successfully addressing questions of money and your relationships with it, you are able to attend to the issues and challenges of your life with respect to survival, family, self, your various organizations, your personal potentials and your relationships with other humans and the Planet Earth while bringing senses of truth, meaning, beauty, purpose and joy with respect to your life.  At the end of that life, you are accountable to your own standards of life purpose and to the divine laws of the universe, whatever they may prove to be.

Contents of Finapoly:

Your Finapoly game should consist of Planet Earth, its natural resources and geography, fellow human beings, your personal qualities and unique attributes, family, fortunes and misfortunes, opportunities, time, health, talents, environment, historical contexts, life conditions, support systems, religion and the Divine, politics, economics, governmental systems and laws and the money supply.  It should also contain a Garden of Knowledge for you to access as needed either through your own efforts or those of knowledgeable professionals.

Game Preparation:

For individuals:
Life paths, personal talent development and personal preferences need to be chosen in anticipation of necessary preparations and executions.
For Groups:
People viagra come together in formal and informal enterprises, families, communities, regions, states and nations.  Some of these will be “for profit.”  Others will be “political,” “social,” “religious” or for other purposes of common interest.
Game Play:
Each player begins the game as an infant without the capacity for self-support.  Through family, community, education and personal development, each player pursues a life path within individual time frames and courses of personal development.  Each player interfaces with money within the contexts of his or her own game contents and personal chronology.  In some manner or another, each player is in relationship with all other players, past, present and future.

There are no guarantees of safety or comfort but most players have some forms of viable support systems available to them.  Those that do not are generally marginal to the overall game of Finapoly but are capable of arousing degrees of empathy and compassion in fellow players.

Rules of accessing money:

The player may buy and sell property according to applicable rules of commerce. The player may earn money through labor or the sale of the player’s particular talents and creations. The player may receive money from the gifts of others or the player may give money away as the player sees fit.  The player is responsible for taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.  If the player does not wish to take advantage of such opportunities, others may use them and the player may be left with negotiating life’s demands with lesser qualities of opportunities.  If the player makes bad choices, the player will most likely be left with negative consequences.

It is against the Rules to fight, rob or cheat while playing Finapoly except as otherwise allowed by law.  Individual transactions are subject to the Rule of Law.  And the Rule of Culture.

There are no certainties in Finapoly but there are guidelines as provided by the Rule of Law.  In addition, each player’s unique game is directly impacted by his or her personal Life Experiences as well as the Social Conditions being experienced by his or her various groups.  These Life Experiences and Social Conditions shall materialize randomly throughout play as a position of luck.

When a player is impacted by a position of luck, good or bad, personal or social, the player must accept and address the consequences.  Players are fully responsible for the consequences of their choices regardless of fault.

Termination of Game:

When a player loses life force, the physical body is rendered lifeless and the player is out of the game.  No player is entitled to take either toys or money into the after game.  However, the player shall be held fully accountable at that time for choices and actions made while playing.

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