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Aug 08

Stingers and Barbs

By Richard Wagner | Garden of Knowledge , Wisdom

It seems to me that one of the major problems with our current system is that all of our conversations contain stingers and barbs.  There is little effort made to understand competing perspectives or to address the outstanding issues with civility. The bottom 50% really don’t pay federal income taxes.  I think that is an […]

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Jun 23

Why Don’t People Save?

By Richard Wagner | Garden of Knowledge , Wisdom

Recently the Nazrudin Project list serve has been addressing an intriguing question: “Why don’t people save?” Considering that personal savings is something of a 21st century survival skill, it seems relevant. As you might imagine, the conversation has been vigorous. It has ranged from variations on a couple of themes. Many think that people are […]

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Mar 31


By Wagner Richard | Finology , Garden of Knowledge , Wisdom

In order to effectively study something, we must name it. The name must be accessible, pronounceable and logical. For example, no one would talk about “the stuff of our imaginations, our dreams, idiosyncrasies, habits and feelings.” Such a name would make study of the phenomena of human behavior impossible. Rather, we have adopted the more […]

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Aug 14

Seeding the Garden of Knowledge

By Wagner Richard | Garden of Knowledge , Wisdom

Financial planning’s inception and growth is no accident. It has been the product of historic necessity, fair winds and the demands of our times. Folks need friends in the finance business. Money is a sufficiently intrinsic part of modern society that we need educated professionals addressing it from the social cellular perspective. In these times, we are so immersed in money, money issues and the money forces that most folks literally cannot see obvious connections between money and the forces that drive their most important life issues.

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